Weekly Round-Up

Hey hey! If I’m back then my weekly round-up should be back too! This one will be shorter because I didn’t think about it until well…today. In the past I’d collect articles of interest throughout the week so this is just a small sample of what I read and felt was of some interest and or importance.

First up! Space, the final frontier. Lots of awesome developments in the exploration of space thanks in large part to Elon Musk (and lesser part Jeff Bezos). But of course, governments are still doing stuff too. And this week China landed a lunar robot on the far side of the moon! Pictures have already started coming back. What’s cool is they also put a satellite into orbit around the moon to accelerate the communication process.

New Horizons, which gave us so much awesome information on Pluto, has passed by Ultima Thule. Ultima Thula is part of the Kuiper Belt and this exploration is the first time the belt has been examined. Very cool!

The Atlantic has a fantastic article on Amazon’s HQ2 spectacle and says it should be illegal. The article is fascinating, and the part on the Kansas/Missouri border war is down right depressing. The ironic thing is that this pointless bribery happens at the city level. I remember almost 15 years ago Hilliard lured a BMW Finance Center from Dublin to their city. It was a big deal locally. Hilliard gave BMW all kinds of financial tax breaks. Didn’t create any jobs–Hilliard and Dublin are adjoining cities. Guess where the finance center is now? Dublin.



Things have been crazy at the Brewery lately. I have much in my head I’d like to share but there was illness, then a car accident and then more illness and now Thanksgiving week.

I promise that as soon as I’m healthy again and things have settled down at the Brewery I will begin posting daily, as was my habit. In the mean time, enjoy your Turkey and gluten free Thanksgiving!

Weekly Round-Up 10/6-10/10

What social demographic might make a state more charitable? Church attendance.

If you enjoy dystopia fiction, then you might enjoy an article about a hiker finding a 100 year old abandoned town.

ISIS moves to the Turkish border. “Air strikes are not enough” says the Turkish president.

Biden said something he probably shouldn’t have said–again. Is that news worthy? Who knows.

This is a fascinating piece on an all-Afrikaaner village in South Africa. As a student of the Boers; I especially enjoyed this.

I admire Lecrae to no end. Read this interview with him and see why.

Embedded in the Lecrae article was a link to a profile of mewithoutyou. One of my all time favorite bands so I had to read it and share it.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is an awesome library–I miss it. Nice to see it getting a feature in the Atlantic.

Mrs. Wine and I have started requesting that people purchase “experiences” for our children instead of possessions. Nice to see science backing us up!

What if I told you that NASA is looking into putting people into some sort of thermal stasis for deep space transport?

It looks like Vice is doing another series on ISIS. I’m sure it is worth the time it takes to watch it.

Our president continually seems to be compared to former president Reagan, but I think Nixon is a much more accurate comparison.

This is probably one of the best articles I have read in a long time. Read it and consider: is parenting the new religion in America?

I’m really enjoying discovering new bands through my Pandora channel. This music video is probably one of my favorites of recent years. It does a great job of visually conveying the message of the song.

Weekly Round-up 9/29-10/3

Not too much this week of interest but here are a few things that I did find worth noting.

There is a lot of unrest in Hong Kong and, not surprisingly, the Chinese government is trying to cover it up.

The US bombed some grain silos by mistake in the bombing campaign against ISIS. There is no such thing as a neat, clean, war.

Whatever you do, don’t call ISIS medieval. It is thoroughly modern.

Perhaps ironically, given the focus of these posts, the news makes us dumb. But this post is well worth the time it takes to read it.

I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan married to a Brown’s fan. And for some reason, the television shows more Browns games than Bengals games. So I’ve started to follow the Browns as well and this article is a pretty interesting look at Josh Gordon.

It is probably because I’m a history nerd, but I find it far more interesting that Spain has two large cities it still governs in North Africa than that those cities may be a gateway for ISIS to enter Europe.

We will probably homeschool our children and the method will most likely be that of the classical Christian education method. Here is a book on it that is super discounted!

Weekly Round-up 9/22-9/26

Well, well, well….the interesting use of patriotism by democrats continues. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world isn’t enough apparently, Obama is now going to legislate “economic patriotism.” Well, technically he isn’t going to legislate it because he is going to bypass congress. Can someone please tell me what it is called when the leader of a country creates laws (without congressional support) that are directly tied to enforcing the support of the state? Surely there must be some term for that form of government–but we mustn’t confuse it with democracy.

I cannot overstate the influence Tim Keller has had on my faith. I’m very excited to see this new development with Redeemer, RTS and NYC.

The Ray Rice Saga continues: “Would two slaps with an open hand have equaled one fist? If Ravens president Dick Cass or general manager Ozzie Newsome were to swing with a closed fist, would it pack as much power as Rice’s open hand?”

I do not use Apple products; I am an Android guy. So I was happy to see this article about Google and Apple waging war in the global market place–and Google is winning!

In case you weren’t aware, we are currently in the midst of a bombing campaign of ISIS. One of the targets we went after was their oil refineries.  General Sherman’s spirit continues to guide our military strategy.

SciFi shapes the present while predicting the future.

I’ve never met Eric Holder so I can’t say whether or not I like him–but I also can’t say I’m sorry to see he is resigning.


Weekly Round-Up 9/15-9/20

The Onion nailed the absurdity of the Ray Rice saga.

Resistance is futile. This is a cool little clip of a fascinating creature. Truly this entire world is fearfully and wonderfully made!

The New York Times is probably the best online news resource IMHO and they excel at online graphics. Here is a very informative graphic on how ISIS works.

The Jameis Winston “investigation” last year was a joke.  Now, FSU, is doing its own investigation into what happened. Conveniently, they have opened this investigation after Winston won the Heisman and the Seminoles won the National Championship. Here is another good bit of commentary on Winston.

I’m not a hip-hop fan and I’ve never really gotten into LeCrae (I prefer Shai Linn) but I also must admit that when it comes to theological depth, the Reformed hip-hop movement is probably the best source out there. Lecrae continues to break out into the mainstream and will be on Jimmy Fallon.

I am not an Apple product fan nor do I use Apple products. However, I am happy to see at least one tech giant is doing what it can to prevent the government from easily accessing our personal data.

I’m late to the wagon on Of Monsters and Men, but I really dig this song. It is like ska mixed with folk mixed with rock. Three styles of music I enjoy in one song? That’s like the Holy Trinity!

I’m probably obligated to post something about the defeat of the referendum in Scotland for Scotland to secede (or disassociate or whatever). But I think a video explaining the United Kingdom would be more interesting.

Weekly Round-up (9/8-9/12)

So this is something new (for me). I read a lot of interesting articles and I like to share those but I’m going to try something new: I’ll save the links for those articles for Friday and post a weekly round-up of what I read and found interesting. This week I didn’t think of this until Thursday night so there will not be many links. We’ll (royal use here) see how it goes.

It seems that tech executives like Steve Jobs limit their children’s access to technology. As a parent who is always trying to limit my children’s exposure to technology (both their use of it and their presence online) I found this rather interesting. I once read Stephen Colbert didn’t let his children watch the Colbert Report. Makes you wonder what he and the tech executives understand that so many other parents don’t seem to get?

I have spent much of the week following the Ray Rice saga. Whatever the truth turns out to be this much is obvious: Goodell should have never needed a video of inside the elevator to know what happened.

Speaking of Ray Rice, the Steelers got pounded last night by the Ravens. I know it is unhealthy, but I do enjoy reading about the Steeler’s loss after a game. But cheer up Steeler fans–your defense improved and held the Ravens to one less point than the Browns scored on you!

I’d like to start this link out by saying hello to my faithful NSA agent trolling my data–you are a treasured visitor to this site. While it may be unpopular (and may not be) I’m appreciative to Edward Snowden for the information he released. Yahoo was threatened with a 250k daily fine if it did not comply with data requests in 2008. Crazy high corporate tax rate or not, it is no wonder US companies are shifting their operations outside the border.

Whenever we go grocery shopping, Mrs. Wine has made it clear that I shall never, ever, purchase a red delicious apple. Here’s a good article on why.