Weekly Round-up (9/8-9/12)

So this is something new (for me). I read a lot of interesting articles and I like to share those but I’m going to try something new: I’ll save the links for those articles for Friday and post a weekly round-up of what I read and found interesting. This week I didn’t think of this until Thursday night so there will not be many links. We’ll (royal use here) see how it goes.

It seems that tech executives like Steve Jobs limit their children’s access to technology. As a parent who is always trying to limit my children’s exposure to technology (both their use of it and their presence online) I found this rather interesting. I once read Stephen Colbert didn’t let his children watch the Colbert Report. Makes you wonder what he and the tech executives understand that so many other parents don’t seem to get?

I have spent much of the week following the Ray Rice saga. Whatever the truth turns out to be this much is obvious: Goodell should have never needed a video of inside the elevator to know what happened.

Speaking of Ray Rice, the Steelers got pounded last night by the Ravens. I know it is unhealthy, but I do enjoy reading about the Steeler’s loss after a game. But cheer up Steeler fans–your defense improved and held the Ravens to one less point than the Browns scored on you!

I’d like to start this link out by saying hello to my faithful NSA agent trolling my data–you are a treasured visitor to this site. While it may be unpopular (and may not be) I’m appreciative to Edward Snowden for the information he released. Yahoo was threatened with a 250k daily fine if it did not comply with data requests in 2008. Crazy high corporate tax rate or not, it is no wonder US companies are shifting their operations outside the border.

Whenever we go grocery shopping, Mrs. Wine has made it clear that I shall never, ever, purchase a red delicious apple. Here’s a good article on why.


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