Super Bowl Bribery

Well, in the shocking revelation that the Patriots once again have cheated, a truly shocking confession has been made. The QB for the Buccanneers has admitted that he bribed someone within the NFL to tamper with 100 footballs that were to be used in the Superbowl.

Wonder what will come out next?


Food for Thought

Saturday night I watched the Florida St.–Miami game. Here is what I saw:

I saw a quarterback who is currently under investigation for sexual assault.

I saw a running back score a touch down who allegedly committed domestic violence.

I saw a cornerback save a touchdown who was involved in a hit and run but not charged.

And I came to the conclusion….

That if Ray Rice and Josh Gordon played for Florida State they would never have been suspended.

A statistic to consider

When it comes to the world of college sports you don’t have to look too hard to see people trash talking the Big 10. They say we can’t compete–especially when it comes to competition with the SEC. And certainly, over the last 10 years it seems like the Big 10 continually loses the big games to opponents from other conferences. But, something happened on Sunday that if you didn’t pay attention you may have missed.  SEVEN of the starting quarterbacks on Sunday/Monday were from the Big 10.

Drew Brees–Purdue University

Kyle Orton–Purdue University

Tom Brady–Michigan University

Russell Wilson–Wisconsin

Drew Stanton

Kirk Cousins

Brian Hoyer

—All from Michigan State University


Weekly Round-Up 9/15-9/20

The Onion nailed the absurdity of the Ray Rice saga.

Resistance is futile. This is a cool little clip of a fascinating creature. Truly this entire world is fearfully and wonderfully made!

The New York Times is probably the best online news resource IMHO and they excel at online graphics. Here is a very informative graphic on how ISIS works.

The Jameis Winston “investigation” last year was a joke.  Now, FSU, is doing its own investigation into what happened. Conveniently, they have opened this investigation after Winston won the Heisman and the Seminoles won the National Championship. Here is another good bit of commentary on Winston.

I’m not a hip-hop fan and I’ve never really gotten into LeCrae (I prefer Shai Linn) but I also must admit that when it comes to theological depth, the Reformed hip-hop movement is probably the best source out there. Lecrae continues to break out into the mainstream and will be on Jimmy Fallon.

I am not an Apple product fan nor do I use Apple products. However, I am happy to see at least one tech giant is doing what it can to prevent the government from easily accessing our personal data.

I’m late to the wagon on Of Monsters and Men, but I really dig this song. It is like ska mixed with folk mixed with rock. Three styles of music I enjoy in one song? That’s like the Holy Trinity!

I’m probably obligated to post something about the defeat of the referendum in Scotland for Scotland to secede (or disassociate or whatever). But I think a video explaining the United Kingdom would be more interesting.

Who dey!

I am a Bengals fan. I’m not a bandwagon Bengals fan in that I cheer for them now that Ohio has one NFL team that can win more games than it loses; no, I have been a Bengals fan all of my life. There is even a picture of little 7 year old me beneath a banner that read, “Who dey who dey who dey Bengals!” from the Superbowl Party my dad threw in 1989 when the Bengals went (and lost) to the Superbowl. 

Why bring this up? Because for once in my life I can be proud of the Bengals for something other than football (and rarely can I be proud of them for that!). 

Check this out. Stay classy Cincinnati