Mead is a wonderful beverage and when you drink it you can feel both sophisticated AND medieval! Now how cool is that? Simply put, mead is honey wine.  Mead is a great beverage to brew if you are interested in brewing gluten free, because it is naturally gluten free, but it is also a great beverage to brew because it is simple yet elegant.

Different styles of honey can result in different flavors, you can also add different things to your mead to change the flavor and type. Technically, mead is only honey, water and yeast. When you add different ingredients the name changes but I don’t really pay much attention to that.

For example, I like to make acerglyn, which is a mixture of honey and maple syrup so it isn’t true mead.  Acerglyn is a great winter drink.

Because it is a wine, mead has a long shelf life so you can do fun things with it when you plan ahead. I made a strawberry-rhubarb mead for my little girl (she is a strawberry blonde) when she was 1 and we do not plan on opening it until she is 21 when I will give it to her as a birthday gift. The possibilities are endless!

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