Weekly Round-Up 10/6-10/10

What social demographic might make a state more charitable? Church attendance.

If you enjoy dystopia fiction, then you might enjoy an article about a hiker finding a 100 year old abandoned town.

ISIS moves to the Turkish border. “Air strikes are not enough” says the Turkish president.

Biden said something he probably shouldn’t have said–again. Is that news worthy? Who knows.

This is a fascinating piece on an all-Afrikaaner village in South Africa. As a student of the Boers; I especially enjoyed this.

I admire Lecrae to no end. Read this interview with him and see why.

Embedded in the Lecrae article was a link to a profile of mewithoutyou. One of my all time favorite bands so I had to read it and share it.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is an awesome library–I miss it. Nice to see it getting a feature in the Atlantic.

Mrs. Wine and I have started requesting that people purchase “experiences” for our children instead of possessions. Nice to see science backing us up!

What if I told you that NASA is looking into putting people into some sort of thermal stasis for deep space transport?

It looks like Vice is doing another series on ISIS. I’m sure it is worth the time it takes to watch it.

Our president continually seems to be compared to former president Reagan, but I think Nixon is a much more accurate comparison.

This is probably one of the best articles I have read in a long time. Read it and consider: is parenting the new religion in America?

I’m really enjoying discovering new bands through my Pandora channel. This music video is probably one of my favorites of recent years. It does a great job of visually conveying the message of the song.

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