Weekly Round-up 9/29-10/3

Not too much this week of interest but here are a few things that I did find worth noting.

There is a lot of unrest in Hong Kong and, not surprisingly, the Chinese government is trying to cover it up.

The US bombed some grain silos by mistake in the bombing campaign against ISIS. There is no such thing as a neat, clean, war.

Whatever you do, don’t call ISIS medieval. It is thoroughly modern.

Perhaps ironically, given the focus of these posts, the news makes us dumb. But this post is well worth the time it takes to read it.

I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan married to a Brown’s fan. And for some reason, the television shows more Browns games than Bengals games. So I’ve started to follow the Browns as well and this article is a pretty interesting look at Josh Gordon.

It is probably because I’m a history nerd, but I find it far more interesting that Spain has two large cities it still governs in North Africa than that those cities may be a gateway for ISIS to enter Europe.

We will probably homeschool our children and the method will most likely be that of the classical Christian education method. Here is a book on it that is super discounted!

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