Weekly Round-up 9/22-9/26

Well, well, well….the interesting use of patriotism by democrats continues. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world isn’t enough apparently, Obama is now going to legislate “economic patriotism.” Well, technically he isn’t going to legislate it because he is going to bypass congress. Can someone please tell me what it is called when the leader of a country creates laws (without congressional support) that are directly tied to enforcing the support of the state? Surely there must be some term for that form of government–but we mustn’t confuse it with democracy.

I cannot overstate the influence Tim Keller has had on my faith. I’m very excited to see this new development with Redeemer, RTS and NYC.

The Ray Rice Saga continues: “Would two slaps with an open hand have equaled one fist? If Ravens president Dick Cass or general manager Ozzie Newsome were to swing with a closed fist, would it pack as much power as Rice’s open hand?”

I do not use Apple products; I am an Android guy. So I was happy to see this article about Google and Apple waging war in the global market place–and Google is winning!

In case you weren’t aware, we are currently in the midst of a bombing campaign of ISIS. One of the targets we went after was their oil refineries.  General Sherman’s spirit continues to guide our military strategy.

SciFi shapes the present while predicting the future.

I’ve never met Eric Holder so I can’t say whether or not I like him–but I also can’t say I’m sorry to see he is resigning.


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