Words to Ponder

I am currently reading an excellent work called Preaching in Hitler’s Shadow: Sermons of Resistance in the Third Reich. I would absolutely recommend this work to anyone who is interested in the Second World War, or the amazing intricacies of everyday life in Nazi Germany or someone who is interested in the confessing church or the Holocaust (or probably some other topic too). Anyway, this quote grabbed me the other day:

“The abstruse doctrine of Original Sin, whence the need of salvation is said to arise, the Fall–and indeed the whole notion of sin as set forth by the Church, involving reward or punishment in a world beyond–is something intolerable to Nordic man, since it is incompatible with the ‘heroic’ ideology of our blood.” ~Schutzstaffel (Journal for the SS)

So guess what this means! If you feel that¬†Original Sin is Augustinian (re: made up) or you feel the Fall was theoretical and not literal; if you happen to feel that human nature is basically good and not cursed; if you dislike the idea of sin (that is, moral truth) and finally, if you do not believe in the idea¬†of a God who metes out eternal reward and eternal punishment then guess what: you’re in good company.

The Nazis agreed with you too.