Review: Black Jack Pershing

This past weekend I made it to my old hometown and was able to spend a great time with family and friends. I was also able to bring a 6 pack of my Black Jack Pershing to my brother-in-law who helped me brew it.


This is an interesting beer. I’d never used Mt. Hood hops before and I don’t know if it was my addition choice or what but I will say this: this beer is bitter and will punch you in the face even when you’re ready for it. I actually would say this is more bitter than my all Columbus hop beer, Silver Bullet IPA.

Overall, I really like this beer/cider. It is delicious, has a very complex flavor and is hard to describe but goes down pretty easy.

I told my brother-in-law (henceforth Mr. Bourbon) it reminded me of a sour apple. He agreed, it has an odd flavor profile like an ESB but then suddenly there is a mouthful of apple flavor and it seems like a granny smith. Mr. Bourbon is not on a gluten free diet but loved the beer so I take that as a sign that yes, this one like many other gf beers, is a legit contender.

If you are interested in something that is bitter but apple-ly, I’d recommend you make this brew!

Christmas in September!

While rummaging around in my brew “closet” in the basement I made a fun discovery: one bottle of the Transfiguration IPA and 2 bottles of my 1st Date Dunkel! So I enjoyed those this week and I have a final update on both of them:

in one word I would describe them as excellent beers.


The Transfiguration IPA is probably one of the best beers I’ve ever made; certainly it is in the top 2. I’ll most definitely brew that beer again.

The 1st Date Dunkel is also good, but next time I would not add oak and I think I’d up the chocolate. The chocolate flavor didn’t survive the long term bottle conditioning and once the chocolate was gone, it was definitely missing something. But it developed a monster head! I think I could have put a quarter on it and it wouldn’t have sunk down! I mean look at these pictures!