Gin ‘n Tonic

One of my daughters yesterday kept telling me she wanted to “eat pizza.” So, I yielded to the pressure and changed the menu plan and made some pizza yesterday. But there was a problem: pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is simply meant to be. So, what to do when the Brewery is closed and all tapped out and you have pizza for dinner? I was left with a choice: live in the land of the 18th amendment or live in the land of the 21stĀ amendment. So I chose to go take the 21st amendment and be sophisticated about it. Here is my recipe for the perfect gin ‘n tonic.

  1. 1oz gin
  2. dash of lime juice (a must!)
  3. 3oz of tonic water
  4. 4 ice cubes

Stir it up well and enjoy! I know Mrs. Wine and I thought it went well with the pizza. So here you have it: pizza, gin ‘n tonic, relishes and ranch dressing–all gluten free!