I got faith in you now

So here’s the thing: I read Infinity Wars when it was printed on paper. And I want to make something clear, when I say I read Infinity Wars, I read this.

I guess I start out that way because I’m feeling slightly defensive. I told my oldest that I had seen Endgame and she got really upset because I haven’t seen all the MCU movies. But…ya know…I read the comics they were based on before she was born so…?

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. So I saw Endgame on the night it premiered. Went with a group from church. And I cannot tell a lie: the movie was awesome. And I also realized something rather significant….


I can’t believe I just gave you that warning. If you follow the MCU at all, then you know there is both a Spiderman 2 and Black Panther 2 in the works. So obviously they come back to life….

But I saw the movie on Thursday. The Thursday immediately after Easter. When we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I saw this movie with a group from church. As well as several hundred strangers. And at the pivotal point of the movie when Spiderman and Black Panther and all the other “dead” superheroes returned…the audience broke out into celebration. There was clapping. There was cheering. It was….disconcerting.

I was disturbed for this simple fact: 5 days earlier I had proclaimed “He is risen!” And the congregation responded, “He is risen indeed.” And the energy and enthusiasm between the church service and the movie theater was palpable. The people at that theater, including the ones from the church, were more excited by the resurrection of spiderman than the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Then I started looking around. So many of the people were dressed up in costumes. Do you know why? This was their identity?

Then over the next few days on social media I noticed another trend: MCU fans were very civil online. They’d post things like, “I saw the movie. I promise no spoilers. If you want to talk pm me.”

Why could Christian fans of the MCU be move civil about the movies than about political candidates?

Because this is a religion. That’s what I realized. And I know it is extreme to say it but it is worth thinking about.


I know this isn’t the intention of the blog. But it kind of is. The idea was to discuss homebrew, but also recreate the environment of a bar, namely, the topics discussed. I haven’t stopped brewing–just haven’t had time to post on it lately.

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