Moen is the Apple of Sinks

Our home came with a Moen sink. Nothing against Moen. I like their product, but I didn’t realize (and neither did Mrs. Wine) that their products come with a lifetime warranty and if anything goes bad, they’ll replace it for free.

That’s really cool.

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that Moen was the Apple of kitchen sinks. And so two days of driving around to hardware stores resulted in empty promises (yes, that’ll work in your sink. spoiler alert: it didn’t). Finally, one clerk was nice enough to inform us that if we have a Moen sink, no one will have the parts we need. But that if we call Moen, they’ll mail it to us.

Doubling down in the realm of unfortunate news, Moen’s call center is not open on the weekend. So we’ll call Monday and in a few days should have the part we need for our sink.

In the mean time, we don’t have a working kitchen sink which, in a family of 7, is kind of a big deal.

It also means I can’t brew my dunkel yet.

Thought you should know.

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