Stop the Madness!

Did you see what I saw? Did you hear what I heard this week?

I saw it on social media for several weeks; I heard it on the radio yesterday, and saw CNN and Huffington Post run stories on it; I saw it on the news last night and again this morning. Terrible, shocking news. Are you ready? You may want to sit down. Some major retailers opened their doors Thanksgiving afternoon/evening so that shoppers could start buying stuff earlier than at midnight!

Whoa. Seriously?


People have been complaining endlessly, it seems, about how wrong it is that stores are making people work on Thanksgiving to make some extra money. I get that. What I don’t get is why no one seems to care about all the other people who have to work on Thanksgiving.

Like the gas station attendants.

Or the tollbooth workers on the highways.

Or the truck drivers hauling the merchandise that people will buy in bulk on Friday.

Or the newscasters telling us how terrible it is people are working on Thanksgiving.

Or the DJs updating us on that story while playing music we listen to on our holiday.

Or the football players, in at least 3 cities who played games yesterday.

And of course, that means the ticket vendors, food vendors, security guards, janitors, television crews, announcers, etc who were working behind the scenes at the stadiums and studios to make sure you could watch that football game.

The list goes on.

Lots of people work on Thanksgiving.

For years I worked 7-11pm every Thanksgiving and then horror of horrors I’d come back in on Black Friday and work 9am-noon.

Stop the madness people. Be consistent in your complaining. Please.

One thought on “Stop the Madness!

  1. And hospitals, EMS, firemen, police, Natiowide call center… I used to work at Burger King on Thanksgiving. I agree, quit whining!

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