My guy!

Anthony Bourdain is, without exception, my favorite living go-to guy for travels. I was a big fan of No Reservations and his new show on CNN is just as good. Now, if you’ve ever watched Bourdain you know that not only does he have an iron stomach but he has the capacity to consume and hold alcohol unlike anyone I have ever seen. In an episode of No Reservations, he goes to the Ukraine and drinks several bottles of vodka with his friend Sameer and then goes sightseeing like nothing happened. Because, why not?

So last night I happened to catch an episode of No Reservations where Bourdain went to Croatia. Having been to Croatia and loved it, I thought I’d share the episode with Mrs. Wine so she could see some of what I saw. Unfortunately, but really I shouldn’t have been surprised, Bourdain avoided all of the usual spots. But something remarkable did happen: he drank so much he hit the floor. Literally. I never thought that was possible for him.  I’d advise you start watching around the 37 minute mark. In the words of Dean Martin, “you’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” Here’s to you Anthony Bourdain.


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