Houston, I think we have a problem…

Technology is so commonplace in our society anymore that I don’t think we pause to give it a second thought. But it is turning our nation into a collection of unobservant idiots! My favorite example: one day while driving through a neighborhood I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting a young teenage boy who stepped right in front of my car. You’d think he was deliberately trying to commit suicide. I probably came 2 feet from hitting him. Did he stop? No. Did he look up from his phone he was playing on? No.  What did he do? He continued across the street until he tripped on the curb. Did that cause him to look up? No. Instead he proceeded to walk into a tree. Then he looked up from his phone.

Okay, that’s an extreme example–but it really happened.

However, we definitely have a problem. You know how I know? Because there is a new market emerging: technology free tourism. Turns out The Renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh has a “Family Digital Detox” package.  For $289 a night this is what your family can experience:

“This is a chance to revive your family from an over stimulated world and reconnect with each other. This package includes overnight accommodations in Deluxe Queen-Queen Riverview Room. All family member’s laptops, cell phones, and digital devices must be surrendered upon check in, and will be held until your departure. Prior to your arrival, the television, phone, and ihome dock station will be removed from your guest room and replaced with board games and playing cards. This is one of our most popular Pittsburgh hotel deals, so don’t miss out!”

Did you notice it is one of their most popular hotel deals?

Something is wrong with this picture.

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