Analog Boy in a Digital World

I started yesterday morning by reading this article and then watching this tour of the Innermost House. A couple has been living off grid (literally–no electricity at all) for 7 years in their small log cabin. The video is definitely worth watching, though all in all I disagree with one of their fundamental conclusions: vegetarian based diet. The article states, “no electricity which means no refrigerator, no meat…” but of course that is fatuous. If the consumption of meat required electricity then that means everyone everywhere for the vast majority of human history did not eat meat. Since that isn’t true we know there are ways to store and preserve meat even without electricity. But, whatever, overall I find their lifestyle intriguing. Maybe even appealing?

Then in the afternoon we went to the AT&T store and I entered a world I have put off as long as I could: the smart phone. Smart phones and their accompanying data plans have been structured to be so appealing that my old “dumb'” flip phone was costing us more than a smart phone with internet access and unlimited texting. Basically, it comes down to texting. I didn’t have texting on my old phone and the amount of texts I was receiving was costing me more than if I just had a regular plan. I’m not joking: my new smart phone and plan is cheaper than our old plan.

Then I finished the evening, or started the next morning since it was approximately 2:30am (thank you daughter dear) reading this article about being slaves to our technology on my new smart phone.

Hmm…I feel like maybe there was a consistent message there I was supposed to pick up? I don’t know what it was because my smart phone distracted me and I never was able to complete the thought.

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