Preaching in the government’s shadow

There is no weekly-round up today. I may put that to rest. My statistics showed me that a woefully small number of people, and by small I mean tiny, actually clicked the abundant links that I took a lot of time collecting and summarizing. So…

I just have one article to share with you. The city of Houston subpoenaed sermons by local pastors who were opposed to a new equal rights ordinance regarding bathroom use in the city.  The mayor called the sermons “fair game.” Think about that, the government wanted to examine the contents of sermons to see if they were somehow in violation of the law–a law that violates what the church happens to believe.

Perhaps it is because I’m currently reading Preaching in Hitler’s Shadow, but this is historically, very similar to what the Nazis did to the Christians in Germany. Hitler hated the Christian church. Pastors who spoke out against Hitler in the pulpit were arrested and sent to concentration camps where many died. The charge? Abuse of the pulpit. What were they doing in the pulpit that was so abusive? Oh, pointing out stuff like: Jesus was a Jew; the government cannot save us only God can; we are called to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us; we should be thankful to God for His provision and not the Nazis for their provision…controversial stuff like that. Stuff that just happens to be what the Bible says.

Hitler had people arrested for saying that what the Bible says is true. I know it sounds reactionary in our day and age to compare anything to Nazi Germany but of everything I’ve read lately, the actions by the city of Houston scare me the most.

Thankfully, it looks like the city has backed off of this proposal.

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