News coverage

There have been two big stories in the past few days regarding Florida State University and the Jameis Winston investigation. First, Fox Sports broke a story showing through email how closely the athletic department, FSU PD and Tallahassee PD worked together to try to make the allegations and reporter investigations go away. Then, the New York Times published a piece detailing how a number of FSU students have had run in with the law but almost none of them have been charged or suspended by FSU.

Both pieces portray a college and city that are highly corrupted. But in the process of learning about and then reading these articles I learned of another problem: ESPN.

Now, I am a huge fan of ESPN. Basically because they have a monopoly on sport’s coverage and I enjoy sports so I’m on ESPN’s website all the time.  Howeve.r, ESPN has yet to report on either of these stories or reference either of them. OR, if they have, their coverage of it must be buried under their own content because I haven’t found it yet–and I’ve been looking.  The funny thing is, I learned of the Fox Sport’s report through CBS Sports. Then, a few days later I learned of the New York Times piece through a Florida newspaper.

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