Crockpot Applesauce

So I love to make applesauce. But I never make as much of it as I’d like because it takes so long to peel the apples! But then I discovered a method for making the applesauce and leaving the skins on the apples. Cook them slowly in the crockpot and then, once the apples are broken down to the sauce like texture, get the immersion blender out and grind up the apple skins. This method has the added benefit of making the applesauce healthy, since the apple skin is the healthiest part of the fruit.

So my recipe is as follows:

  • A whole lot of apples.
  • Some liquid (water or apple juice) maybe 1 cup?
  • Sugar if you wish (I don’t use sugar)
  • Cinnamon stick if you wish

Apples in the crockpot, pre-cooked.



Apples cooked down, but not blended.



Applesauce, post immersion blender.



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