One cooking blog I follow (really about the only one) is Cooking in the Archives. Two professors from the University of Pennsylvania are cooking dishes based on manuscripts from the 1700-1800s. It is quite fascinating. Recently, they made Lemonade. I thought the recipe was pretty interesting and I may just give it a try. My standard Lemonade recipe is 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar and then I fill the rest of the pitcher up with water.

This older version of Lemonade is much more like the way I make Limoncello. When I make Limoncello, it is the lemon peel that flavors the vodka so I could see that working well with regular water. Definitely something I’ll try…but probably not until next year since it is now Fall and starting to get cold enough that I have hot chocolate on the mind instead of lemonade.

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