(really little) Children’s Catechism

There may be more than one Child’s Catechism but I’m only familiar with this one. However, it seems to me that the concepts are too complex for my 2 year old. So I have made up a simple one and started to drill her on it daily. I offer it here for parents interested in raising their children in the faith.

Q1: Who made you?

A1: God.

Q2: Who do we pray to?

A2: God.

Q3: Who do we worship at church?

A3: God.

Q4: In whose name do we pray?

A4: Jesus.

Q5: What do we read to learn about God?

A5: The Bible.

Q6: Who saved you?

A6: Jesus.

Q7: Why did Jesus save you?

A7: Love

Q8: Does God love you?

A8: Yes.

Q9: How do you know God loves you?

A9: Jesus!

Q10: How are you saved?

A10: Faith.

The simplicity of this lies in the fact that all answers are one word answers. Not all answers are fully correct, but I think this will create a good foundation to build upon in the coming years.

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