Freezing in the late summer

Mrs. Wine and I have been filling our freezer with food. 

Earlier in the summer we bought 11 whole chickens from Lamppost Farm. These are very small chickens, about 2-4lbs each. So we cooked 4 of them the other day, had two meals out of it and picked the meat off of the others and got 4 1/2 quart bags of meat for the freezer. Mrs. Wine then took the chicken carcasses and made 18 cups of chicken stock. 

9 of those cups promptly went into Cauliflower soup using cauliflower, onions and potatoes we purchased from Janoski’s Farm Market and Greenhouse

Then we took 4lbs of ground beef from our 1/4 cow we buy from a farm down the road and made a huge batch of chili. That went promptly in the freezer.

That same day we cooked 2 chuck roasts from the same farm and the next day made beef and vegetable soup that also went into the freezer.

This weekend we hope to make our 5 bean bake and freeze that for some rice and bean (translation tasty and cheap meals) for us to enjoy this fall and winter. 

There is something very satisfying about storing food away and being prepared. 

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