The double-edged sword called patriotism

Here is an interesting piece in the National Review about how Canada has become more American than America.

It is well worth the read and raises some interesting questions about, of all things, patriotism. Specifically, the different ways American society sees and evaluates patriotism. To over-simplify:

Republicans/Conservatives view patriotism as a sort of carte blanche support of the government, particularly the Armed Forces (part of the government!) when it is engaged in a military conflict. 

Democrats/Liberals, having balked at the “America right or wrong” mentality for years are suddenly using Patriotism as a word to describe ones civic duties expressed through paying taxes. 

It is odd that if a corporation flees America because it doesn’t want to pay the corporate taxes it is labeled “unpatriotic” yet if one flees America to dodge the draft…well, that is perfectly American. 

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