Blogs I’d recommend checking out

I thought maybe I’d share other blogs that I frequently visit. It gives you a little window into what I’m interested in and perhaps you’ll enjoy one or two of these as well.  This is pretty much the only religious blog I frequent. 

The TOF Spot. This is the blog of SciFi (and Catholic) author Michael Flynn. We pretty much see the world the same way (minus the whole Catholic/Protestant thing)

Five Acres and a Dream. It’ll never happen, but occassionally I fantasize about homesteading and living off the grid. Thanks to the internet, I can do that vicariously through the blogs of total strangers!

TinyhouseTalk. Keeping in line with the above thought I really enjoy this blog. For our ever growing family, this would never work but if it were just Mrs. Wine and I, I think we could do it and be quite happy.

What about you? What blogs do you enjoy following? 


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