What is up with these prices?

My wife and I want to be smart with our money. So we have a financial plan. You could say it gives us some peace of mind. Our 10 year plan (9 years to go!) is this:

  1. Pay off all student loans.
  2. Build our savings
  3. Buy a vacation/retirement home down south

To keep on track, we have fun money that we can spend on whatever we want every month. Our fund money is necessarily limited to $40/month.

So what the heck is up with these hop prices? How am I supposed to brew beer when it costs almost 4 bucks to get 1oz of centennial hops? I’m trying to get all of the ingredients to make my grapefruit IPA and even with a sale, I could only buy the fermentables and then boom! I’m out of fun money. No hops purchased. I felt a bit like Ron Burgundy.

escalated quickly


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