Game changer?

 I saw this posted on Facebook. Synek is basically a Keurig machine for beer. This is a really clever concept and it could be a game changer. The only thing I can’t determine is if it carbs the beverage. It doesn’t seem to, which would mean you would still need to be able to carb your beer before putting it in the machine. But if it carbs the beer…this would be a serious game changer for home brewers.


I missed the FAQ section…. check this out:

Yes. The pressure relief valve on our cap will begin to steam off pressure at 20 PSI. You are able to force-carbonate, ferment, and carbonate inside the bag, as well as age and store your brew. The 30 day shelf life does not start until after the first pour. This is a great application for beer, but of course particularly wine.


So the answer is YES! This is a definite game changer!

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