Today I bottled 1st Date Dunkel 2.0 I hate bottling day but oh well, if you wish to enjoy the fruit of your labors you have to put forward a little work.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to provide a few updates on some of my brews.

First of all, the Buckwheat Brown Ale has come along nicely.


Obviously, it really isn’t brown at all. Oh well, it tastes great!

Next, my Red Bamboo Mead is bubbling along like crazy. A couple of days ago I looked at it and I thought, hey, I should put a blow off valve on it and didn’t.  Now some of the fermentation bubbles (what are the official names for this?) are up in the airlock. I’ll clean it out later this week when I make a new mead I have planned.


The mead is pictured with a glass of my Transfiguration IPA. Interestingly, it is nearly the same color!

Finally, regarding the Dunkel. The sample from bottling tasted excellent. The chocolate came through on the finish with an after taste that I think comes from the wood. In a few weeks I’ll be baptizing my youngest and family will be in town. I’ll crack open the Dunkel then and my brother-in-law and I can see how it tastes then!

Here is a picture of my sample:




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