Limoncello and other Liqueurs

Because Christmas is right around the corner I bottled a batch of limoncello today which we will give away as gifts. Limoncello is a great Italian liqueur that is best enjoyed on a hot summer afternoon. It is also super easy. Here is the recipe:

  • 1 bottle of bottom shelf (literally!) Vodka
  • 1 bag of lemons

Zest or peel the lemons, make sure you don’t get any of that white junk that is on the other side of the peel. Pour your vodka into a mason jar or bowl you can cover and then dump all of the lemon peels in there. Let that sit for approximately 2 weeks.

Then make up some simple syrup.

  • 3 cups water
  • 2 cups white sugar

Pour the lemon vodka through a strainer to remove all of the lemon peels. Then add the (now yellow) vodka to the simple syrup. Stir to combine nd bottle! That’s it. Store it in your freezer and (I prefer) to serve it over ice.


The last time, my limoncello was more yellow in color. I’m not sure if that is due to the type of lemon or the season (it is now December) but it still tastes good.

Incidentally, that is also how you make basically every other type of liqueur. I’ve experimented with pineapples (which I didn’t really care for) but I know there are recipes for peach, cherry, walnut, apricot, and hazelnut just to name a few. All of them follow the same principle: super cheap vodka with the ingredient soaking in it for a couple of weeks, then strained and sweetened with simple syrup.


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