Buckwheat Brown Ale

A while back on Homebrew Talk, I read a post where a guy claimed that the combination of brown rice syrup and buckwheat honey made a perfect “malt” base for gluten free beers. I finally got around to trying it out myself.  The beer that resulted is pretty tasty. It has been too long since I had a “brown ale” so I can’t really remember how they taste but this is good. I found it pairs especially well with some cheese and salami/pepperoni–something spicy.

Here is the recipe:


  • 2lb Sorghum Syrup
  • 2lb Rice Syrup Solids
  • 1lb 8oz of Brown Sugar
  • 13oz Buckwheat Honey


  • 1oz of Fuggles @60 minutes
  • .75oz of East Kent Goldings @ 15 minutes
  • .25oz of East Kent Goldings @5 minutes


  • 8oz maltodextrine

I think I used S-05 in this batch, I didn’t record it in my notes. Let go for approximately 2 weeks and then bottle with appropriate priming sugar.

This is the result:


I was disappointed in the color–but that is pretty much my only problem with this beer. It isn’t very “brown.” I had counted on the Buckwheat honey adding a lot of color, it is very dark, but it seems to have settled out. Certainly it cleared up nicely.  Cheers!

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